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Sabaya Music & Art

                          Original Music & Artistic Expression by Scott Stouder

Sabaya Music & Art

"Sabaya", is nickname given to me by a dear friend several years back.  It encompasses all aspects and expressions of my being.  When it came time to share my soul expression and original music out into the world, Sabaya Music resonated strongly.

Sabaya Music encompasses different genres of original music that I have had the pleasure of creating and expressing as a musician.  Music has been a deep experience through body, heart, and soul, from deep within as well as beyond.  I am grateful for its healing power, and to be able to experience and share the medicine and gift of music that flows through me.

I soon realized this would be a good place to share my art works as well.  My current passion of visual art has been through the lens of a camera, combined with the lens of abstract imagination... :)



Scott Stouder

I grew up in Simi Valley California and began playing the guitar around age 11, and soon after discovered the drums around age 16.   Drums definitely became forefront into the next 12 or so years, including 7 years with alternative rock band "Freestone 1/2's, playing regularly around Southern California, but guitar and art supply's were always near.  I began exploring writing more through guitar and vocals, as well as recording.  I also transitioned art expression from pencil drawing to oil paints.   For as long as I can remember, I was drawing scenes on a chalk board, or walking around with a sketch pad and pencil, capturing what i would see.

I continued to cycle through my different loves of artistic and creative expression through oil painting, photography, guitar, songwriting, recording, drums and percussion, throughout the next decade, and continue still.  I have had the pleasure of playing alongside many very talented and soulful musicians who have inspired me to continue to learn, expand and express my own unique soul voice.

I currently live on the beautiful island of Kauai, where I have been a resident since 2004.  I continue to express artistically and soulfully through music and art, from my heart and soul, and am honored to share the medicine that flows through me.  I perform my original music on the island and continue to write, record and be inspired.  I express through drums playing in, psychedelic funk - rock - jazz - fusion, band Animal Dream... Tasty... My visual art expression lately has been through the lens of camera, wonder, and imagination.

The journey continues... :)